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Can anyone advise me about replacing a DVD Drive on a Dell Inpiron 150

DVD Drive on a Dell Inpiron 1

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Hi Freebooter,


In my last post I had indicated my disc size and how much space I had...


which on my "C" drive it shows it  as being 55 GBs with just over 10 GBs free space.


The Linux bootdisc is 1.8 GBs just under 2 GBs... so if I manage to attempt to load that... I should have about 8 GBs extra space to play with.


I MAY NOT want updates if I can get away without using them.... at least say for the next few months.... I JUST mainly need it to get back online

and to be able to able to access certain websites for the next 6 to 12 months.... IN which by then hopefully I maybe able to have sorted out my finance problems and could obtain or buy  another or new laptop...


OR I MAY eventually decide to see if I could fully install linux, it would depend..

I DONT really want to risk loosing files that I created on Windows XP... and I assume  id have to fully wipe my HD to fully install Linux.

I dont think Partitions would work either if at the moment I only have 10 GBs free space on a 55 GB HD.


So for now.... as Windows XP just in the last 6 months has stopped working on many types of websites that I used to be able to visit ok...

as well as it no longer will on any email service that I have tried...


I WANT to point out.... That I dont want to delete my other Windows XP operating system in order to replace with a complete Linux permanent installation 

direct on the whole harddrive.


The Prior advisor that I had been in contact with, after I had explained all my concerns to him... ie IF Possible I did not want to delete anything of my laptop IF possible...


and he told me by using a Linux Bootdisc.... I could just use it from using a Linux  DVD boot disc ONLY... where I DO NOT have to fully install the whole dvd software files permanently on my laptops harddrive.


He said just by loading the DVD Thry Bios seections under "boot" option to select "DVD / CD Rom Disc" option and saving that selection...


That that alone would allow me to use Linux from the drive only as I THINK I understood this was what he was suggesting....


SO Its NOT a full permanent installation to my harddrive, is what I think hes suggesting and I can then use it to get online once I obtained a Linux  wireless Network adaptor (LWNA)  for use with my I phone and its Mobile data / HOTspot options to send the signal from my I Phone to a LWNA inserted in my Laptop.


I DO think  (HOPEFULLY ) that if I now have 10 GBs free space.... that I should be Ok once I have replaced my broken dvd disc drive and ontained a Linux wirelss netwk adaptor.




You don't want to install Linux on minimum hard drive space requirement, you will be installing Linux updates that will take hard disk space as well.


I have Linux installed on 60 GB works without problem but more is better.


How much disk space do you have and are you going to dual boot?

Edited by dowsp, 31 August 2023 - 11:45 AM.

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Is this thread still going.

If Yes

1) As freebooter says run Linux from a usb. - Buy a quality usb stick 8-16gb is all you need.

2) Burn the usb with etcher as per mint site.

3) insert USB turn laptop on and press F12 choose the option to boot from usb.

No install need 

No interference with xp.

4) Why do you think you need a wifi dongle?

Your laptop has wifi already and there is a good chance Linux will have a driver (may not) but worth trying first

before spending money on a dongle that may not be needed. Or plug in a network cable if possible.

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Hi PeterM


Thks for your reply,


yes the thread is still going.


I hope to reply in more detail in the next day or two.


My mobile is about to run out any time

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Sorry for the delayed reply, and also for the msg being in quote.... I wrote and tried to copy and paste direct and the system wont allow it to occur...other than selecting quote..

My Mobile networks data ran out and I was unable to get online until I got to a wifi zone.

I am trying to remind myself what you advised and as I am still unfamiliar with things to do with the use of using a flash drive and using Etcher...

It may still take some to try to figure things out.... such as I am not really sure which download to select as there are 3 versions for Windows.

I have downloaded all 3 for now...

I assume I would have to install one of them...   Ill have to read thru any instruction on teir website

But I have not as yet obtained a larger sized flash drive,

I am not sure about the term Burn the USB,,, exactlky what that means.... is it like using a dvd writer for copying a dvd disc.. ?

    Burn the usb with etcher

this is what the linux webpage link shows.


In Windows, Mac OS, or other Linux distributions

Using Etcher

Click Select image and select your ISO file.

Click Select drive and select your USB stick.

Click Flash!.


    Download Etcher
    Etcher for Windows (x86|x64) (Installer)
    Etcher for Windows (x86|x64) (Portable)
    Etcher for Windows (Legacy 32 bit) (x86|x64) (Portable)
    Etcher for macOS
    Etcher for Linux x64 (64-bit) (AppImage)
    Etcher for Linux (Legacy 32 bit) (AppImage)

    Looking for Debian (.deb) packages or Red Hat (.rpm) packages?
    Image reads: OSS hosting by Cloudsmith

As only at a wifi zone for a short time.. and dont have a suitable usb sized flash  drive  I have not the time at the moment to try to proceed

I Maybe be able to get back online at my home again.

I MAY HAVE managed to solve my Bank verification concern / problem.

As I do not want to offer my bank a mobile number.... they also allow me to offer a landline or home number, and if you offered them one.... they says it takes 3 days to become valid...

I thought that they would then do a security check on that number or try to call it to make sure its valid... BUT I found out that is NOT the case...

They say they do NOT call or check any number given to them.

With using a mobile number...in any verification process they send a txt with a ref number for a person to use and insert in the websites purchase process...

BUT if you using a Landline number.... I was told two versions.... one person suggested that they will call the landline during the purchase verification once you try to confirm the number..

BUT that would be ok if your at ones own home when trying to order.... BUT if you are say trying to purchase online say while on holiday.. away from home that wont be much use to anyone,

SO another person said you have to use a bank card reader and use a ref from the cardreader to enter on the website as one is making a purchase during the verification part of the process.

I have now given the bank a number... and have tried to test this out while in the wifi zone... BUT frustratingly... the wifi zone wont allow me to connect to the website I want to order a new sim from....which is from a Comprision sim offer website..... I CAN access the comparision website,  but when I select a particuar offer.... the wifi seems to be blocking the website I need to get to.

I MAY have to reconnect my last network provider and ask if they will allow me a bit more data to try to reorder another sim frrom them...

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