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Murray S.

Murray S.

    Trusted Tech

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Username: Murray S.

Real Name: Murray S.

Status: Tech Staff and Moderator

Profession: Career firefighter; Deputy Fire Chief - Retired 16 January 2006

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

Interests: All aspects of my profession, computers, camping; started my own fire services training company to provide training for smaller depts.

Discovered Geeks to Go: Was mentioned at another forum I frequent..

Other Forums: WinXP Moderator on another form, belong to a few others..
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    Malware Removal Expert

  • Retired Staff
  • 1,049 posts
Username: take a wild guess...
Real Name: Calvin
Status: Expert
Profession: Geek
Location: Ontario
Nationality: Canucker
Age: Good question, no-one really knows!!
Moderates: Excal - who, in turn moderates ~Kat~
Other forums: TechsupportForums, BleepingComputer, Besttechie, 247fixes, Newbie, Atribune.org, Lobos SecurityDen. etc etc etc the lists go on...
Discovered Geeks to Go: Excal ma boy, its all your fault.

Thats me.
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Username: Njustice
Real Name: Ken
Status: Trusted Helper
Profession: ex-electrician and now a retail manager.
Location: Illinois
Nationality: American
Age: 43
Adores: miekiemoes :tazz:
Other forums: Amazingtechs.com, Pctorium.com, Atribune.org and a ton more.....LOL!
Interests: My kids, music, computers, hunting, fishing, long walks and helping people.

Edited by njustice, 01 September 2005 - 08:15 PM.

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    HijackThis Expert

  • Visiting Consultant
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Username: Atribune or Atri take your pick
Real Name: BillyBob well not really, it's Dave
Status: Complete and total noob
Profession: Industrial refrigeration technician (glorified mechanic)
Location: Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
Nationality: Umm, I'm a canuck and proud of it
Age: 29
Other forums: If they use HJT I'm prolly regged there
Interests: Hockey, Football, Computers and .... Michelle

How I make fixes is to do alot of guessing and alot of formatting
My site: http://www.atribune.org

Edited by Atribune, 01 September 2005 - 08:27 PM.

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  • Expert
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Username: therock247uk :tazz:
Real Name: Sean
Status: GeekU Moderator (check my fix) & Malware expert
Profession: Being infront of the PC
Location: The UK as you should know already
Age: 18
Other forums: Too many to name, http://247fixes.com (my site!), Atribune and many more
Interests: Killing Malware, Helping people, IRC
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    Trusted Tech

  • Retired Staff
  • 5,236 posts
Username: Fenor
Status: Retired Tech Staff
Education: Graduated with a degree in MIS (Management Information Systems)
Profession: PC Support Specialist
Location: Wisconsin
Age: 30 year old male
Moderates: My 'Terrible Twin' wannabe1
Interests: I love watching and playing any kind of sport. I love to golf in the warm weather days and dream of being somewhere warm golfing during the cold days. :tazz: I love to watch a good movie, my favorite being The Shawshank Redemption

I've been working with computers since 1995, when I purchased my first computer which was a 300MHz (which ironically only ran at 250MHz lol) Pentium I computer running Windows 98. Since then I have always loved working with computers and have culled my knowledge over the years.

I first found out about G2G while doing research on a malware problem for a client at work. Since then I have been here on a regular basis and plan to keep it that way since this is by far the best PC Tech Help site on the Net! I love the people here and they are great to hang around with. I also have an inkling to want to help other people and this lets me do just that. Nothing feels better then when you get that reply in a topic that says everything is now working as it should and thank you for all your help! Can't beat that feeling!

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    Trusted Tech

  • Retired Staff
  • 944 posts
User name: Jack123 or (#74,189)
Status: Trusted Tech Staff – 14th Nov-2005
Location: USA – Mid Appalachia Currently - Dug my way out of PA-Coal Mines -
Age: Senior Citizen - [1935] Version -
High School: 1952 -
Military: 1952 – 1958 [US Navy]
College: Penn State – 1962 - Electrical Engineering -
Profession: Electrical Design Engineer – Semi Retired 2002 – Fully Retired 2006
Design/Integration/Test Experience in: [Aircraft Equipment] – [Shipboard] – [Rail cars] – [Electric Trolley
Buses] – [Military Equipment] – [AC] –[DC] –[RF] – [X Band] – [KU Band] –[Controllers] – [Computers] – [Computer Equipment] - [Computer Controlled - Theater Special Effects Design] - [Amusement Devices Design] -
Home Computer Origin: [TI-99] [Stone Age Operator]
Interests: [Researching Problems] - [Solving Anomalies]
Goals: Transforming [Stumbling Blocks] into [Stepping Stones]


Edited by Jack123, 12 March 2007 - 07:22 AM.

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    Trusted Tech

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Username: :) I FORGOT IT AGAIN
Status: Trusted Tech
Education: Oklahoma State University - Associates of Applied Science. Marine Combat School graduate, Marine School of Infantry graduate, FA18D Aviation Supprt Hydraulics Mechaninc Certified.
Profession: Super Duper Cable Guy - High Speed Data, Residential Networking, High Definition / Digital / Analog Video, and Voice over Data Telephony(voip). <Nov 21st 2006> Promoted to Field Service Technical Trainer / Quality Control Inspector
Military: Once a Marine, Always a Marine... Semper Fi
Nationality: United States of America
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Age: 29

Interests: Helping others, in a world were help is rarely given for free, and more often than not, is taken for granted and unappreciated. Taking things Apart to see how they work - and sometimes putting it back together causing it to, not work again :tazz:

Hobbies: Keeping up with the two devils my wife gave birth to, Helping to control the Whitetail Deer population in Oklahoma by the use of Modernized Firearms, Did I already say helping people for free, Hardcore Gamer for PC & Xbox in the FPS Genre (imiganei that), who says TV is not educatiuonal - I learn from the best - the Discovery Military Channel (just ask me anything about any war, or any piece of equipment used in any war, or commander of any military force in any war, and any strategy or battleplan from any conflict in the history of our planet - all foreighn or domestic), and last but certainly not least (she might read this) spending time with the beautiful woman who puts up with my Bu11$hi+ on a daily basis.

Goals: Its best to aim high so when you fall short of your goal your not discorouged, So my ultimate goal is to one day rule the world, but I'm hoping to fall short in the area of maintaining a good marriage withe my wife until we both die of old age and raise my children in a manner that will enable them to obtain thier goals and dreams.

Favorite Food: No one else put this in thier posts, so why not: Home Made Tacos.

Edited by SpaceCowboy706, 02 December 2006 - 11:51 AM.

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    Infected with AwesomeWare

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Username: Matt
Real Name: Matt
Status: Trusted Helper - Malware Staff
Profession: High School Student
Location: Ohio
Age: 17
Other forums: Besttechie, 247fixes, and I'm regged at a lot of others..
Interests: Music-I love expanding my music genres and discovering new tunes. I enjoy participating and helping out in forums like these! Love to watch football, but could never play it. I'm in my school's marching band, whew is that hard. Hanging out with friends. Sitting around, and pondering why I'm not doing anything...

Edited by Matt, 14 March 2007 - 08:52 PM.

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    Visiting Staff

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  • 547 posts
Username: Cloutz
Real Name: Nick
Status: Visiting Consultant
Profession: Student - High School
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Age: 14
Other forums: SWI, 247fixes, but G2G is my home forum
Interests: I really like sports, but my favorites are Hockey, Soccer and Rugby. In my free time, I enjoy ridding malware from people's computers and helping people with computer problems.

Thats about it...
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    There's no school like old school!

  • Retired Staff
  • 1,668 posts
Hello everyone!

Username: ZEUS_GB
Status: Trusted Tech
Profession: Tech support (yes i've had the anykey question!) :tazz:
Location: England
Age: 25
Interests: Computers, playing games, music.
Favourite bands: Nightwish, Disturbed, Hoobastank, Evanescence, 3 Doors Down, Ash, Sugarcult, Jimmy Eat World, Finger Seven, Green Day etc...
Favourite games: Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Half Life, Undying, Doom, StoneKeep, Hexen, Hexen 2, C&C Tiberian Sun and many more i've forgotten.

I've been in to computers since I first played on my brothers speccy when I was six or seven and if I remember correctly the first speccy game I played was an asteroids clone. Since then i've used C64's, Atari ST/STE's, Amiga's, various PC's and various consoles.
I've been tinkering with PC's since the days of Windows 3.1/MS-DOS 6.22 (them were the days!) so like quite a few people i'm pretty much self taught. After a while I decided that I might as well turn my hobbie into a job so that's what I did and i've been in the industry for 10 years doing various tech support jobs.
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    System building expert

  • Retired Staff
  • 2,394 posts
Username: Jrm20

Status: Trusted Tech Staff

Profession: Currently in Cisco networking

Location: Florida

Age: 20

Interests: I like some sports like basketball and motocross. I like to ride fourwheelers, going mudding. Pc's interest me of course. Sound systems are awesome and interest me, also I like music. Playing games now and then doesnt hurt at all. I dont hardly play as much as I used to. Building computers is fun to me and I enjoy helping people on the forums. I have been into hosting servers for awhile now. I rent a server for my clan on sof2. I rarely play now but we are elite lol, "not joking". If you saw me you wouldnt think that I was into computers really. A friend down the road got me started into computers in 1997 or 1998, before that I wasnt into computers at all but I enjoyed playing the games on them. So, basically the games got me into computers. I play games like everyone else does today in time. Just about everyone plays some kind of game today, it doesnt necessarily mean your a geek or "geeky". I dont consider myself a geek but I like pc's because I enjoy it. Oh yeah, the good ole years 1997-1998 lmao the pentium and pentium II was born lol... I remember that like yesterday... I get along with everyone and talk to everyone, you cant go through life judging people if they are geeky.

I have computer electronics certificates, CompTIA Network +, Learnkey, A+ Certification Training (havn't taken the final test yet), Cisco CCNA 1 soon, and a few others. :tazz:
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    Tech Staff

  • Technician
  • 16,645 posts
Username: wannabe1
Real Name: Richard (Rich)
Status: Tech Academy Admin
Profession: Grounds Management
Location: Bozeman, Montana
Age: Ancient and getting older
Other Forums: Registered at a couple (Bleeping and WTT), but G2G is home
Education: Electrical Engineering Degree - MSU (unused)...SoHK (School of Hard Knocks - used daily)
Interests: Helping kids that need a little push in the right direction...spending time with my daughters and my grandson (refer to Age entry)...Computers...Music (Bassist - Guitarist - Percussion)...Weapons of any kind...Fixing stuff that don't work - Breaking stuff that does
Goals: To get through life alive...To see my kids grow to be honest, self sufficient, and happy adults on whom I can become a burden in my old age (nearly have that one)

The first computer I ever worked on was the TIC (Target Intercept Computer) on the F4E Phantom (USAF). First one I owned was a Tandy Model 4. Have had machines from DOS to XP and never missed a windows release. I'm self taught on computers and still learning (refer to education entry - SoHK)...I've been building my own machines for the last 10 years and building machines for underprivileged kids for the last 5.

Oh yeah...Favorite Food: Home grilled porter house and a butter laden baked potato...and...Chocolate of any kind.

Edited by wannabe1, 28 January 2008 - 12:30 AM.

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    Retired Staff

  • Retired Staff
  • 190 posts
Username: Magosis
Status: Retired Tech Staff
Profession: Technical Support (Internet), Application Design
Location: South Western Canada
Age: 19 Year Old Male
Often Seen in: Web Design & Web Hosting
Interests: Programming, Graphic Design, Hardware, Martial Arts, Art History, Drama, Caffene
I am recently engadged. I have very poor spelling and gramar if I'm tired, although it's not especialy good even when I'm wide awake. :tazz:

I came to Geeks to Go after Meeting Kat on IRC. This is the first forum to hold my interest though I have belonged to many different forums. I love web comics and programming, although I'm always interested in Videogames. Most of the time I am on the move and most often I am posting from work or school wich limits the length of my posts. although if there is soemthign I need to follow up on I will take care of it when I get home.

I am a first year new media student although I am starting the program with 5 years IT expeirience under my belt. (yes I started in IT when I was 14).

My first computer was a comodor 64. on it I learned the value of videogames :)
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    Member 4k

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  • 4,867 posts
Username: Ryan
Status: GeekU Mod
Profession: Student
Education: Current Undergrad student - Criminal Justice and Computer Science
Other Forums: registered at 247fixes, eoutdoorsman (non tech)
Interests: Computers (well, obviously), Scouting (Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor), Law / Criminal Justice, hanging with friends, chillin in the dorm...the list goes on
How I found G2G: I was bored one day, and was searching around on google (can't remember what exactly) but G2G was one of the results. I came here, and registered. The next day, I decided to join GeekU. The rest is history.
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