Forget Black Friday – Hello Cyber Monday!

cartI used to be one of those women who was standing in line at my favorite store at 3am on Black Friday. I was armed with a list, and nothing was going to stand in the way of my obtaining every last item. To be clear, I never shoved anyone or ran my cart into someone. I wasn’t that bad, thank goodness. A few years ago, I watched a child get mowed down by an angry woman. She shoved her cart hard into the back of the little girl, who was apparently in her way. I actually left my cart full of items, and walked out of the store – after making sure the little girl would be ok. I couldn’t do it anymore.

However, I do like to save money. Who doesn’t? I knew I needed to figure out a way to take advantage of post-Thanksgiving savings, without having to fight the crowds. I started searching online to see if there were any coupons or deals that online retailers were offering. Holy cow, did I ever hit the mother lode!

Who knew there even existed such a beautiful thing as Cyber Monday?! I sure hadn’t heard of it at that point. Now, I actively look for the upcoming deals each year. I’ve learned that often the prices are FAR less online than they are if you risk your life in the stores. Think I’m joking? Take a look at some of your favorite websites. Go on – I’ll wait…

You can find amazing deals on upgrades for yourself – or gifts to give over the holidays – by shopping online on Cyber Monday. Check out stores like Best Buy, NewEgg, Dell… the list is literally endless. Nearly every type of store you can think of has a website… and nearly all of those websites offer deep discounts this coming Monday. Heck, many of the sales have already started!!

Why waste your time, energy and patience on Friday morning? Why take a chance that the items you want will even still be waiting for you once you make it into the store? Why sit in the cold, and listen to others rudely gripe? Sit in your pajamas with a mug of cocoa or coffee, and save your money right from home.

Happy shopping!