How to Remove System Live Protect (LiveProtect)

System Live Protect

Much of the malware problem the past year has been rougue malware applications installed by the zlob trojan. There are too many to list. Among the popular ones have been SpyDawn, Virusburst, SpyAxe, SpySheriff, WinFixer and SmitFraud.

The latest in this long line is System Live Protect. Like the others, it looks very much like a legitimate application. Even a Microsoft application in this case. However, it reports greatly exaggerated or false system reports and warnings in an effort to entice the user to purchase a “registered version” that will remove the alleged threats.

Don’t purchase it, remove it, and your problems will go away. Of course, it’s not as easy as selecting System Live Protect from the uninstall menu. However, S!Ri has been working tirelessly to maintain his SmitFraudFix tool that will easily remove this and the other threats like it.

We have instructions to Remove System Live Protect in our forums. Or, you can download the tool and view instructions right from S!Ri’s page. If you find his tool useful, please consider a donation to enable him to continue his work! It requires a tremendous amount of time to keep his tools updated.

  • dl

    Zlob Trojan often gets on your computer by downloading active X. They even in an underhanded way tell you that you downloaded Zlob Trojan. If you are dumb enough to get caught use Norton protection, they tell you to stay away from Zlob. The only way I got rid of Zlob once is to run Norton scans about 6 times. It chipped away at it until gone. Kudos to Siri for smitfraud fix. DL.

  • claude687

    I have this Zlob NOW could use some help in getting ride of it so far nothing seems to work my antivirus protection is bullguard. Will what dl said he did any other suggestion wood be appreciated.

  • http://AT&TYahoo john johnson

    I turn on my computer it says virus detected and internet explorer says i have to run Malware Crush 3.7 so i do but i entered wrong email account ond like afool i entered my c/c no.and experation date and to top it all off i cant find how to get a hold of them to correct the frustaded can you please help.?

  • mick bell

    can i unblock the administrator so i can download nero 8.2 and dvd shrink 3.2

  • mick bell

    can i unblock the administrator so i can download nero 8.2 and dvd shrink 3.2