Why would Intel buy McAfee?

intel-mcafeeToday Intel announced plans to buy McAfee for $7.7 billion dollars. Most people are asking, “Why?”. Why would a chip maker acquire a security company?

The answer may lie within Moore’s Law. Simply stated Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a chip will double every 2 years. Intel seems to have difficulty figuring out what to do with all those transistors. Most computer users don’t need a quad core CPU. Yet Intel continues to roll out more cores.

However, as anyone who has installed an antivirus program knows, it’s probably the single biggest resource hog on your system. Slowing everything from email and the Internet, to startup and shutdown. What if the major components of an antivirus program could be placed in a special section of the CPU, or even its own core? Whether you’re a gamer, enthusiast, or just an average user you’d enjoy the benefits of being able to run an AV without the associated system slowdown.

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  • ZippoParis

    My experience with McAfee and Norton?
    I wouldn't install or recommend it to my worst enemy.

  • McAfee actually has very good detection. Especially in their enterprise product. With the exception of the false positive recently that rendered many corporate systems unbootable, they had a very good track record in the enterprise market.

    I think they have a bad reputation in the consumer market mostly do to free trials that are pre-installed as bloatware on many new systems. Especially when the definition updates expire, and people become infected. Instead of blaming it correctly on lack of a purchase to receive updates, McAfee takes the blame.

  • Rams

    Yes, I'm sure tech magazines and websites use expired versions of those but buy licenses for all other Internet Security suites.

  • Mikeloeven

    so now what youll be forced to use mcafee on all future intel chips?? youll be unable to uninstall the bloatware because it will be embedded in the hardware?? will i have to switch to AMD simply to continusing my beloved Avira ??

    these are all questions that popped into my head when i read this article.
    more than likley however i have a feeling that intel is smarter than that.

    what i hope to see is a cpu based anti virus block that is completely open and useable by any antivirus program that wants to. it would be a shame if you were forced to buy mcafee drivers and software just to utalize any developements made as a result.