Holiday Decorations Can Create Major Wi-Fi Disturbances

AirMagnet Inc., the award-winning leader in wireless network assurance, announced the results of a recently conducted survey measuring wireless signal strength in a standard office setting both before and after introducing a change in the office environment — holiday decorations. While decorations are relatively commonplace at this time of year and might seem innocuous, as with any change introduced to a wireless environment, it’s difficult to predict how new elements might affect wireless performance – but proper planning can help reduce the negative effect on wireless networks. AirMagnet’s survey, using AirMagnet Survey PRO and AirMagnet Laptop Analyzer, showed the decorations had a significant impact on the Wi-Fi network, with:

* Signal strength decreased by 25 percent
* Signal deterioration increased over distance by one-third
* Signal distribution uneven in some locations, deteriorating signal strength by an additional 10 percent

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