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All your device are belong to us – device hacking dangers

PacMan-SequoiaAvi Rubin is Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University. He offers a TEDx talk in which he discusses hacking of devices. Would you be surprised if?

  • A defibrillator pacemaker could induce fibrillation wirelessly (Dick Cheney would be more fun at parties)? Or the device could be disabled remotely?
  • The brakes on your car could be engaged, or disabled through your car radio?
  • Your car could be located via GPS, remotely have the doors unlocked, anti-theft bypassed, and started (so it’s warm, or cool when stolen)?
  • Your car could be used for covert surveillance? E.G. use GPS to track vehicle on a map, stream audio from the in-cabin microphone. Without knowledge.

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Is Your Password Strong Enough?

In December of last year, a hacker gained access to more than 32 million usernames and passwords from the users of RockYou. After obtaining and studying the data from that hack, data security firm Imperva has come up with a list of the top ten most common passwords. In reading the list of passwords, I felt the need to pick my mouth up off of the floor. In this day and age of Identity Theft, people are still using things such as 123456 as a password!

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