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Forget Black Friday – Hello Cyber Monday!

cartI used to be one of those women who was standing in line at my favorite store at 3am on Black Friday. I was armed with a list, and nothing was going to stand in the way of my obtaining every last item. To be clear, I never shoved anyone or ran my cart into someone. I wasn’t that bad, thank goodness. A few years ago, I watched a child get mowed down by an angry woman. She shoved her cart hard into the back of the little girl, who was apparently in her way. I actually left my cart full of items, and walked out of the store – after making sure the little girl would be ok. I couldn’t do it anymore.

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What Geeky Gadgets are You Grateful For?

thankfulFor those of us in the US, Thanksgiving is upon us once again. Like the rest of you, I’ll spend my day going between the kitchen and the television. In the morning, we watch the parades. In the afternoon… it’s football time! During our dinner, we always take turns going around the table and giving each person a turn to talk about things they are thankful for. When my kids were little, I used to laugh inside when they would say how they were thankful for their favorite toys, or a cute boy in school. They’d remember at the end of their list to throw in “oh yeah – and my Mom too!”.

Like anyone else, I’m thankful for my kid and family… my friends… my health… my ability to work. Those are all a given. Let’s have some fun, though, and talk about the Geeky things in life that we are grateful for! We’re human. It’s okay for us to be happy that we have “things”, and to be thankful for them!

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