Firefox Mobile to Launch Soon

Finally, the browser that holds about a 25% share of the market is ready to launch their mobile version. This has been a long-anticipated announcement for some die-hard Firefox users. The developers are currently in the final testing phase, and hint that the offering may be released by the end of the year!

One of the coolest features of the mobile version is that it will be able to sync with the desktop version. Any pages open within Firefox on your desktop will automagically open in the mobile version. At the end of your workday, you can walk away from your desk, and continue right where you left off from your phone. All of the information is encrypted and sent through the Cloud between your desktop and your phone. This could potentially increase productivity, allowing you to finish up last-minute details and projects while riding home on the bus or train – but not while driving!

Nokia N900 users should be able to download the new browser by the end of the year. Versions for both the Android and the Windows mobile operating system are in the works, and will hopefully be released in the near future. However, there is no Apple / iPhone version in the making, at least for the time being. Apple is such a closed system that it’s very difficult for developers like Mozilla to create anything useful that would even be accepted for use by Apple.

Which browser do you use on your phone? According to a study published recently, Opera is currently the most popular browser, due to the fact that it is highly optimized for use in that capacity. Heck, which browser do you use on your desktop, for that matter? It will be interesting to see what our readers prefer, and conduct our own little “study”.