Carry Your Entire Computer in Your Pocket

I bet you are raising an eyebrow at me right about now. You’re thinking that I’ve likely lost my mind. After all, everyone knows you cannot put your whole computer into your pocket. You cannot possibly cram all of your data, your operating system and your software onto a tiny little old USB Flash drive. It’s not even thinkable that you could then plug said drive into any computer – anywhere – and run YOUR computer environment in an instant. If you now think I’ve gone off the deep end, you might want to sit back and prepare to be dazzled.

Not only is it possible to do all of this… it’s possible to start doing it now. This isn’t something that we’re waiting for in the future, folks. You can load your entire hard drive onto a nice, portable flash drive and take it with you. Thanks to the people at Lockheed Martin (yes, the defense company) and their new IronClad flash drive, you can carry your entire computer with you and securely use it on any public computer.

The IronClad will bypass the computer’s hard drive and run directly off the flash drive – from your operating system to your everyday applications. This means you can safely use the machine to check your email, work on your presentation, or write in your blog. When you are finished and remove the IronClad, your information goes with it. Nothing is ever stored on the “host” computer at all!

The drive is available with “at least” 8GB of storage, and includes 256-bit encryption, built-in virus protection, and a variety of networking features that will let organizations keep watch on individual drives and control what can or cannot be installed on them. Best of all, they are partnered with IronKey to protect everything… which is a name you know you can trust.

There is no information available just yet as to what type of price tag may be attached to this delicious little device. But if you simply cannot wait to get one into your hot little hands, you can always contact Lockheed Martin themselves for more information – and to beg!