When’s the last time you played a flight simulator game?

In the early days of computers and computer games, flight simulators were king. The latest versions were waited for with eager anticipation. Realism in gauges, physics and controls left even seasoned pilots impressed.

Whether it was a combat sim in an F4, F16 fighter jet or Red Baron’s bi-plane, or a realistic airplane simulator like Microsoft Flight Simulator, I played a lot of these games. However, I haven’t played one for years. If this short video is any indication, that is about to change. The graphics are jaw-dropping:

Microsoft Flight announced on Tuesday as part of it’s plans for Games for Windows and Windows Phone 7. Looks like Flight will also have an online component as it will be, “Live-enabled”.

  • Frugala

    Hey Blair, me too. It has been 10 years or more, i installed from floppies. I think i had to have a floppy in the drive as the security key for the program to run. But you are correct, it was very good for the day. But now it feels like "Been there done that". I'll have to check out the new Flight, it does look cool.

  • Lilj1123

    ya and to play this your going to need so much RAM