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Archive for 2008

HP Magic Giveaway Contest Winner!

Thanks again to HP, and Microsoft for sponsoring this contest. Special thanks to Chris Aarons and Nick White at BuzzCorps for making it possible, and inviting us to participate.

HP has left the “beige box” behind, and is doing some very creative and amazing work with hardware and software. Just take a look at their TouchSmart series, or HP 1000 mini netbook. We’ll have full reviews of these HP products and more posted soon.

If you haven’t tried Windows Vista, you really ought to. Service Pack 1 and improved driver support have made this a mature and solid operating system. The Windows Live products are some of the coolest software to ever come from Microsoft. They’re all online applications (perfect for that new netbook), and they’re free!

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DigitalFoci Image Moments – Display your digital photos in High Def!

Overall = Rating: ★★★★½

The recent rise in popularity of digital photo frames is no real surprise.  You can’t get a phone without a camera anymore, there are hundreds of models of digital cameras priced at or below $100.  With all those cameras, we have to have a way to display the pictures without paying for printing, right?

The market is currently flooded with photo frames.  Everyone is making them, and some are making them dirt cheap.  During the recent “Black Friday” deals, I noted frames starting at $29.99!  I bought one.  Wouldn’t you?  With such a price, one is forced to ask the following question: What kind of quality can I get out of a thirty dollar frame?

The answer is pretty simple – meh.  It has almost no onboard storage space and the display quality is moderate at best.  It only supports a few card formats, only accepts JPG images, and lacks in options.  What if I want a nice photo frame with lots of onboard storage space and great image quality that accepts a bunch of card formats, image formats and has tons of options?  The Image Moments line from Digital Foci promises all those things, and more. Read the rest of this entry »

Seagate FreeAgent Backup Bundle Winner!

Wow! 571 entries seems to confirm these backup drives are in hot demand. Reading those comments, a lot of you really need to develop a backup plan. If not an external backup drive, check out other options in our Home Backup Series, or even a cheap Fireproof Backup Soultion. Don’t wait until it’s too late folks!

We have contacted the winner, and received a reply with permission to use their full name. Congratulations to Ramkumar Venkatachalam of India! His comment (number 378), was drawn at random:

good old dvd’s in a pouch thats my backup strategy

It sounds like he’ll be putting the backup drives to good use.

Didn’t win? Don’t sweat it. Enter for a chance to win over $6,000 of HP hardware here, and at 49 other sites!

Is your data secure – SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise USB Key Review

Overall Rating: ★★★★½

One of the biggest challenges for personal and corporate computer users is the security of sensitive data.  When data is stored inside a corporate network, it’s usually firewall and password protected to ensure its safety.  Unfortunately for IT Security personnel, all their security is worthless when sensitive data is transferred by USB key.

To combat this security hole, many companies have switched to encrypted-only USB keys.  The problem with most encrypted USB keys is that the security can be turned off.  When a user gets tired of entering a password every time, they have the option to just go in and disable the software that encrypts the drive.

The solution is a USB key that offers encryption at the hardware level.  The SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise does just that.  The Cruzer Enterprise boasts 256Mb hardware-based mandatory encryption.  Let’s take a closer look at the offering from SanDisk. Read the rest of this entry »

$6000 HP Magic Giveaway Contest!


To the $6,000 Geeks to Go HP Magic Giveaway contest!


One winner will receive a prize package valued at over $6,000! Including all of the following:

Brought to you by HP, Microsoft, and

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Contest: 10 Seagate FreeAgent Backup Hard Drive Bundles!

‘Tis the season for giving! In addition to the HP Magic Giveaway, we present 10 chances for you to win a Seagate FreeAgent external hard drive bundle. Winners will get their choice of either a FreeAgent Desk 1TB or FreeAgent Desk for Mac 1TB. AND your choice of a 500GB FreeAgent Go or 500GB FreeAgent Go for Mac portable drive.

The FreeAgent Desk, as its name implies, is intended for desktop use. Its 1TB (~1,000GB) capacity comes in a rainbow of colors, or a silver and white design to match the look and feel of a MacBook. The FreeAgent Go portable is much slimmer, and its 500 GB capacity is also available in your choice of 10 colors, or silver and white in the Mac version.

In addition to Geeks to Go, there are 9 other tech sites giving away bundles. Be sure to enter their contests for more chances to win! (Thanks to Xavier at!)

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We’re Spreading Holiday Magic

Finding it a little more difficult to find the holiday magic this year? Still need something extra special for under the tree? HP and Microsoft have teamed up with 50 websites this holiday season to give away a total of $300,000 in prizes, in The HP Magic Giveaway. If you’ve done the math correctly, you already know that means we have a $6,000 prize package to award to one lucky winner. While the details of our contest won’t be revealed until later (subscribe to our feed), now we’ll share what’s contained in the prize package, and all 50 sites where you will have an opportunity to win!

If you’re new to this site, we share magical moments every day, by providing free tech help. Our magical moments come from helping someone solve a technology problem. It could be as simple as removing the Language Bar, or as complex as removing the latest rootkit that your antivirus missed. If you have some magic to share, or just want to learn more, please visit our forums.

The Holiday Magic Prize Package:

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What happened to

The forums are still available at a new domain:

Looking for and getting a GoDaddy parking page? Or, looking for the forums at and getting a 404 error? You’re not alone. Try the new domain name, and you’ll find the old forum we’ve come to respect and admire. Why the change? Mike Healan the founder of the site has not been heard from in many months, and the name appears to have expired. However, the good people running the spyware removal forums didn’t want to let such a valuable resource die, so they planned ahead and registered a new name, The change was actually made a couple of months ago, so most search engine results should point to the new domain. However, there are thousands of links from other sites to, and who knows how many bookmarks.

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Lansweeper Product Review

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

topbarNetworks are getting larger and larger every day. Between company mergers and normal expansion some corporate environments are getting down right massive. With more computers in a system you have to contend with larger levels of interaction to make sure that all of those computers are running well, configured properly, and are actually physically in your building. Add to that the overhead associated with making sure that all the software in your environment is accurately accounted for, licensed, and approved through company policy and you’ve got an administrative headache that would make even the most efficient multi-tasker go off the deep end. With the increase in complexity we have seen an increase in “Asset management and tracking” software availability. These packages range from the complex (and expensive) to the relatively simple (and often completely free).

One of the packages that falls into the later category is Lansweeper. Lansweeper is a hardware and software inventory package that can be installed on any Windows machine that is also running Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express. It has the ability to scan and display hardware information, software information, windows information, user information, configuration information, and any custom registry locations that you desire. They have two packages, one of them is an advertisement free fully functional freeware version and the other is a paid “Pro” version with certain added features (such as active scanning and Active Directory integration). Due to the current economic environment I chose to install the freeware version on my system to do some asset tracking.
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Digital Camera “must-have” – DigitalFoci Photo Safe II review

t_IMG_0083 In today’s world of digital cameras, what’s more frustrating than running out of  memory card space when you’re out taking pictures?  It’s the worst feeling in the world to get somewhere and realize that you forgot to empty the memory card.  I’ve done it, and everyone I know has done something similar.

The Photo Safe could be the answer to the woes of millions of digital photography enthusiasts.  If this little device works as advertised, I know it will change the way I do things, and it may for you as well.

The Photo Safe is not the only device of its kind.  The DigitalFoci device has competition from Epson, Wolverine, and a few other manufacturers.  If given the opportunity, I’ll compare them with the DigitalFoci.  However, from initial glance, they all appear to offer about the same things, but at significantly varying price ranges.  The 80Gb models range from the DigitalFoci at $130 to some very spendy units at almost $300!

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