10 Free DNS and IP Lookup Tools – or DNSstuff.com Alternatives

image If you’ve ever tried to lookup the location of an IP address, check the status of DNS propagation, or wanted to check the health of your DNS or mail server,  you’re probably familiar with DNSstuff.com. It used to be an incredibly useful site – when it was free. While DNSstuff.com does still offer a selection of free tools, full access has now reached $79/year! While no free site offers every tool available on dnsstuff.com, here are 10 free sites that offer a good selection of alternatives.

  1. DNSQueries.com – A good looking, well performing site with unobtrusive advertising, and a wealth of IP, DNS, and domain tools. Multi-lingual, and a support forum is available. Here you’ll find the most often used tools.image
  2. iptools.com – Another very comprehensive site offering free IP and domain lookup tools, only lacking a DNS report. Ad sponsored.image
  3.  intoDNS.com – If you’re just looking for something similar to DNSreport this site offers it free, and ad free. The format should be familiar.image
  4. DNSsy.com – Another report very similar in form and function to DNSreport. The site also includes a couple other basic lookup tools. Not only free, but ad free.image
  5. FixYourIP.com is another site that offers a nice collection of lookup tools. Ad supported.image 

…5 more sites that deserve a mention:

  1. dnscolos.com – Another free and effective DNS report site. Advertising free.
  2. checkdns.net – The final DNS report site. Some may prefer the more detailed output.
  3. freednsinfo.com – Another multi-lingual domain, IP, and network tool site.
  4. dnstools.iball.id.au – Not the easiest domain to remember, but a clean and simple tool site.
  5. mydnstools.info – Last but certainly not least. Free DNS, networking, IP and domain tools.

One more bonus site. While some of the charts it creates and tools are cool, it can be slow. It also seems parts of it may not be working. Geeky enough that it had to be included: serversniff.net

The bottom line is that you may be able to find all the tools you need using free alternatives to DNSstuff. However, they won’t all be conveniently located at one site, and won’t all offer the speed and performance of dnsstuff.com. If you host a lot of sites, own a webhosting company, or are a frequent user of the tools dnsstuff offers, than $79/year may be a reasonable investment. If you’re like most of the rest of us, and  only need to access the tools occasionally, it’s nice to know there are free alternatives available.