How to Disable Java in your Web Browser

Recently a “zero-day” exploit was discovered in Java. Oracle typically follows a quarterly patch cycle meaning a patch may not be available until mid-October. 3rd party applications like Java are frequently exploited, and it’s a good idea to unplug it from your browser. This will prevent infection from this and future exploits.

To disable Java in Chrome:

Type chrome://plugins/ into the address bar. Scroll down to Java and click Disable.


To disable Java in Firefox:

  1. Click the Firefox button.
  2. Click Add-ons.
  3. On the left menu click Plugins
  4. Click the Disable buttons next to Java Deployment Toolkit and Java™ Platform


To disable Java in Internet Explorer:

  1. Disable UAC (if enabled) and restart.
  2. Open Windows Control Panel, Click on Java.
  3. Click on Advanced tab.
  4. Expand Default Java for browsers.
  5. The checkbox next to IE is grayed out. Select Microsoft Internet Explorer and press spacebar so it is unchecked (no tick). Click OK.
  6. Re-enable UAC and restart now.

Blame Oracle for the complicated instructions.


For Mac users:

Safari: Click Preferences, and then the Security tab (uncheck “Enable Java”).